Open your  Casalinea Store Porcelain slabs specialist

Open your  Casalinea Store Porcelain slabs specialist

It all started when…

I saw the first Porcelain slab at The Covering in Atlanta 2013.

I asked more info and finally had my first slab in December 2013 .

Looking at the reaction of my clients I had immediately the idea that something was important.

I was right. The porcelain slabs completely turned my business/ life in a positive journey .

I opened my shop after  6 months and since then we are experiencing a great market.          

          We have  great clients and great projects. 

As president of Casalinea I travel In the US and I see every day  and higher demand of these materials for : counter top,  walls,  floor interiors and exteriors . There no such a specific store for clients interested in these porcelain  slabs. All the stores  are mixed with other products and the sales people or technicals sales persons are not confident  . Casalinea will provide the whole package. 

Invest  with us  for a brilliant future .

Open a Casalinea ® Store  in your place.

Brenno Giannini

president of Casalinea

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