is a selection of the most interesting materials for any project in the residential and commercial area.

We do research and select  the best materials for you.

We can help your project showing you how any material that we have can really fit in your space. We will show you real project pictures and we will share our personal experience with that product.

We also do installation of all products and we do fabrication for the porcelain and marble slab product.

Send your floor plan as pdf dwg format and we can send you a formal proposal. We can also visit  you and take the measurement on the site.

Fabrication of porcelain slab can be made in our shop and  the fabricated pieces can be shipped everywhere in and outside of the country.

is an opportunity to browse collections of stone, mosaic, lighting , bathroom furniture and fixture  design  Made in  Italy. Our 20 years experience in this business make us the first place to visit if you are looking for something that is special like you.
Our clients are always amazed for what they can find in our stores.
Extraordinary is here
Brenno Giannini  president